Favor to a customer

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* Prohibiting the carrying on of a drink.

* Toy prohibiting the carrying on of a cat.

* Only a cat is OK for photography. ※ You can’t take a flash photo.
Please, so that other customers don’t come out.

* Of a cat, you can’t have a cuddle.
A cuddle doesn’t like cats.
※ It’s OK to induce on the knee and stroke.
Or, please don’t wake a sleeping cat up by force.

* When an injury by a cat occurred.
I give first aid at the place.
I can’t pay you a medical cost after that, so please accept it.

* Please don’t give anything but a snack of an sales cat in the store to a cat.

* The inside of store is perfect no smoking.

* When a problem occurred between the customers, we can’t shoulder responsibility at all.

* Additionally please follow staff’s directions.